Fodé Bangoura


Fodé Bangoura is a Guinean drummer currently residing in New York where he teaches Jembe and performs in ensembles. He was a part of the 2007 U.S. tour of Les Ballets Africains which toured to 20 cities and 13 states.

He was featured in a 1999 article of City Pages when he was teaching in Minneapolis which praised him with the words, “Fodé Bangoura commands something akin to awe among a score of local musicians, and he’s a sort of statesman in the local West African community.”


Fodé’s CD is available at CDBaby.

He was featured in Fara Tolno‘s Jembe DVD, FaraBaKan: Traditional West African Djembe Performance which was shot in January 2003 in Michigan. A short clip is available here.

This video shows Fodé performing with Fara Tolno.

Here he is the lead drummer at the Sogbety Diomandes West African Celebration in Ohio in 2006.

Emily Meyer

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