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Djembe-L FAQ
Within the United States, there is an astounding number of Djembe Drumming Circles consisting of American drummers. Of the 50 states, it would seem that around 38 have publicized Drum Circles featuring West African music, with Djembe as part of the repertoire. The following link belongs to a vastly thorough website, “Djembe-L FAQ,” which allows the viewer access to American drumming and dancing teachers’ information, as well as dates and times for Drumming Circles in these 38 states; and even the information of drumming and dancing teachers in Europe and Africa. Not to mention, the website also contains a glossary, useful information necessary for traveling to Africa, and schedules for pre-arranged “African Drum & Dance Trips” (although some of the info may be outdated).

Voted the Best Drum Circle Facilitator by readers of DRUM! Magazine, Kalani is one of the more popular American Djembe percussionists situated in the USA. Interestingly enough, it seems he has, on several occasions, accomplished ‘Americanizing’ traditional Djembe drumming, in collaborations with a host of popular American artists. He also leads some free-styling Drum Circles of which traditional drumming does not play a part (as seen in the youtube video Kalani : Drum Circle DVD : Rumble to a Groove His site, “Kalani Music” is colorful, navigable, and informative; equipped with a brief bio, his traveling schedule, his programs, and more.“Kalani is a classically trained percussionist and hand drumming specialist. He has performed and/or recorded with such music legends as Kenny Loggins, David Sanborn, Max Roach, Barry Manilow, Vic Damone, John Mayall, Chante Moore, Dr. John, Michael Kamen, Melissa Manchester and is the featured percussionist on the Yanni Live at the Acropolis video and CD. He is featured on recordings for Disney, Warner Brothers, Tri-Star Pictures, Paramount Studios, The Nature Company and Jim Henson Records.”

And for those who are interested, the following is a link to a sort of drums and percussion search engine. The site contains links to and website summaries for quite an enormous number of percussion-devoted websites. These sites contain information on drums around the world, including Djembe Drumming.
– Claude Moïse

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